New Charity Website

A little earlier today, I went live with a brand new website for the Fireball Foundation.  It’s a lot sleeker and professional than the previous site plus sports a brand new logo. It’s a quiet launch – meaning I don’t intend on promoting the new site for a while.  Once […] Read more »

When in Doubt, Ask Someone

I knew exactly what I wanted from the Fireball Foundation from the moment I jotted notes down on a piece of paper the day after my grandfather died.  We simply wanted to provide unbiased information on nursing homes to anyone who needed it.  My family had gotten screwed during our […] Read more »

T-1 Day

I’m slowing updating links and RSS feeds in preparation for tomorrow’s launch.  Frankly, tomorrow in the big picture is a fairly small day but to finally ‘Go Live’ after all this preparation and work will be nice. But, from there the real work begins. Read more »