A Benchmark for Getting it Right: Cooper Ridge

Over the last couple weeks I’ve decided to stop worrying about the next big phase for the foundation and focus on just learning (and sharing) more about the world of dementia and Alzheimer patient care by posting the articles on the charity’s blog.

Today was supposed to be another day to post a highlight or lowlight article about nursing home care, or other research that hopefully both raises the article’s Google ranking thanks to another link and hopefully assists someone, somehow or some way in making their decisions.  The posts are also forced work activities for the charity, which sometimes finds itself falling down the priority list thanks to work, home and other personal projects that are on my list.

But not today’s post.  No, in fact, we may have found one of our benchmark organizations to review and understand.  From the article:

There’s a sense of calm when you enter Copper Ridge, a residential assisted living and nursing home facility that specializes in caring for Alzheimer’s patients in Sykesville, Md., near Baltimore.

Alzheimer’s care doesn’t have to be as bad as it is around the country.  It isn’t in Cooper Ridge so why is it in Morgantown WV, or Dayton, OH?  Or Lancaster England or in the Northern Beaches of Sydney Australia when there are people out there who have gotten the formula right?

Cooper Ridge is on our visitors list and hopefully in the future the model of care for those who need it.

Alzheimer’s Care: How Copper Ridge Nursing Home Gets It Right – US News and World Report