The Public Launch of the Fireball Foundation

My grandfather, Glenn E. Bolyard died of Dementia related illnesses 4 years ago today.  He was 81.  Today, four years to the date of his passing my family and I are pleased to announce the launch of a charitable foundation dedicated to him and those who care-give or have dementia or Alzheimer’s because they deserve the very best information and support.

Our charity received IRS 501 c3 approval in December 2008 and but we waited to launch everything until today.  The development of the foundation will start by telling our story and allowing anyone who cares to read to follow our progress from a blog with five posts to a substantive organization that truly makes a difference in the lives of those who take care of or have dementia.

You’ll notice a couple different types media in place.  Chances are you’ve seen this post via my personal blog World Sojourner or saw the imported note into Facebook.  WS will syndicate the Foundation’s postings for its startup phase (which could be weeks, months or years – probably months or years) while the topic of conversation is around forming the charity.  I’ve never been able to keep two blogs going (once upon a time there was a Fundraising blog); thus the syndication.

In addition to blogging, we’re also using Twitter (my Twitter to be exact) to document quick finds and activities of the charity and it’s chair.  Until a few weeks ago, I didn’t see the point in Twitter but thanks to conversation with Chris I now get it. 

The Twitters will be quick links or ideas, while the blog riffs will be more robust and detailed.  Consider the Twitter feed like an instantaneous email to anyone who cares without the SPAM filters.

Today is a special day.  As is tomorrow, my Grandmother’s birthday.  There are a ton of people to thank but a few notable people – my darling wife – Alissa (Mrs M); Nick, Tom and Matt at Lewis Glasser Casey & Rollins PLLC for helping with some of our documents and my Dad who has become the first donor to the new foundation.  There are more people, but today it’s about the foundation and the start of something special.

Very Sincerely,

Al Martine, IV

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  1. Natasja says:

    Congratulations! I’m in awe of your (mr and mrs M’s) work, and I hope and expect the Fireball Foundation will be a resounding success! Hug, Natasja