About the Foundation

The Fireball Foundation was founded in loving memory of Glenn E. Bolyard, or Fireball as he was known by close friends.  He passed away in January of 2005 after a long battle with Dementia.

Our founders believe that not enough reliable resources dedicated to providing unbiased information to caregivers and those who love people with dementia exist today.  Our current priorities are nursing home quality, home care options, legal rights of carers and nutrition.

Our core strategy will be to seek meaningful partnerships with other organizations by providing funding or professional assistance in planning or execution of the project.  We’ll only originate a program if we find no meaningful partnerships available.

Please feel free to contact us for additional information or to get involved in the charity.  Our email address is Info [at] FireballFoundation [dot] org.

The Fireball Foundation is incorporated in West Virginia, USA and is a recognized 501 c3 organization.