I finished speaking with Susan Robison, interim Director of Career Services at WVU.  Susan was my main guidance counselor at WVU during undergrad and has been a good friend ever since.  She hit my radar last autumn during Homecoming when we spoke for about 20 minutes on the new charity, which at that point was merely a 1023 submission to the feds.

Without giving too much away, she has a lot of experience with nursing homes around the Morgantown area and the need for information.  Combine this with her understanding of WVU and the conversation made sense.

She had a lot of ideas for what the charity could do to help care givers in the area.  Iā€™m not ready to discuss any of these recommendations ā€“ yet, but her thoughts correlate with ideas Gail Norman (CEO of the Arthritis Foundation of the Carolinas) provides so we may be on the right track. 

Her thinking on the 5-star rating system ā€“ total crap.  From my experience, the lowest ranked nursing home in the area is the best but because they use three years of data it gets a bad rating despite new ownership.  Could our Consumer Reports idea still have legs because it would be more timely?  Maybe.  Just, maybe.