The Start of Something New

I’ve spent a decent amount of today researching how to start a business and charity in West Virginia.  If you recall, back in January I listed 5 objectives for 2007.  40% of those objectives involved building my relationship with Alissa and getting in touch with old friends.  The other 60% weren’t as fuzzy – they included helping my Dad win an election in our home town, buy a house and start a charity.

I’m writing from our new house.

Dad’s campaign is still in progress but seems to be going well.

Which, leaves #3 – start a charity on my list.

Earlier this year, Alissa and I had a heart-to-heart about how to prioritize our time because we (really me more than her) have a tough time making strategic decisions (oooh +5 MBA jargon points for Martine) on where to focus time and effort.  Our decision was to buy the house & focus on helping Dad with the campaign first.  Then, once that was sorted we could move on to developing the charity.

So, now that the house is here and the campaign seems to be smoothing out; and oh, I occasionally lay awake at night wondering why I haven’t started a business yet – good gracious my life is wasting away – what will I have to say at LBS’ 5 year reunion – the time seems right to get rolling with the foundation.

So, today, I started the ball rolling by doing a lot of secondary research into how to incorporate and receive 501c3 non-profit recognition.  The process isn’t hard, but it will take time.  Thanks to the US Government it’ll be a lot like the Green Card process.  Lots of time filling out forms, collecting information only to submit the docs and wait months, and months for recognition. 

We’ll need a little legal advice, but she and I should be able to navigate the bureaucracy.

I’m excited to start walking down this road for the first time.  This foundation and its objectives are very close to my heart.  It will be the sword and shield for those who need it, while providing valuable information that, as of today, does not exist.